Terms of services

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Refund policy

In case of cancelled or delayed events has the following policy:

For cancelled events your money will be refunded for tickets purchased online. If you purchased the tickets at a physical store, you will be further notified about the way of refunding.

For delayed events you will receive a timely notice for the date and the place of the event. If the delayed event    does not fit your schedule the tickets will be replaced with tickets for another event or your money will be refunded.

Refund for cancellation of tickets purchased online, at the request of the customer, is not possible.


What is E-Voucher and general conditions for using


If your transaction is successful, within few minutes you will receive a message with e-voucher on your e-mail address. E-voucher (in PDF format) is a document that contains a unique bar code and it is a proof that you had purchased a ticket for a particular event. The voucher must be printed. An e-voucher is usually replaced with a physical ticket according to a procedure that is determined by the organizer of the event. In certain events it is not necessary for a replacement of the voucher with a physical ticket and you may use the e-voucher to enter the event. In case the bar code of the voucher is unreadable due to a damage of the paper, the entrance to the event or replacement with a physical ticket will be difficult or impossible, so please keep the voucher from damage.

It is important to note that only the database for sale of vouchers in possession of is valid. For any abuse of an e-voucher charges against the responsible person will be brought before a competent court.

Important: Not printed e-vouchers are not valid.