National Opera and Balet

(NOB) is designed for 781-1008 (in the case of theatrical performances) seats in the great hall, with 232 seats in the small hall (experimental stage). The program provides facilities for visitors as well as facilities for training and performance arts. Premises intended for visitors as lobbies, garedorbite and toilets are shaped style ekterierot to produce and representative interior and modern materials, while the auditorium and seating is provided maximum comfort and quality. The dimensioning of the main and other venues, scenic tower and technology ensure variability in the type and manner of performing arts, which resents povekjefinkcionalna opera building and aplikabilna for various arts. The section on training of contractors has the capacity for the entire ensemble of Opera and Ballet, numerous grimiorni, gyms and trails, as well as rooms for individual performances. Section contains technical rooms and space for performing the technique and stage set design, and costume workshops and decorative equipment.

Access to the building is from several quarters, including the public and entrance for visitors entering the stage technique and input for staff and administration. Net surface of the object is 16.404m2, while gross surface is 10.405m2.